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ID3 International Services

What is ID3 Institution?

ID3  offers professional services, supports and accesses to extended tools in order to guarantee:

  • the high-quality management,
  • the visibility,
  • the success

of all of your extended international projects.

ID3 Services: 

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 Virtual International Conference    Virtual International Conference
 Support to Editors    
 ID3 Membership for Industry and Engineers    ID3 Membership for Industry and Engineers
 Membership to ID3 society    Membership to ID3 society
 Full Membership to ID3 Society    Full Membership to ID3 Society
 Virtual Concept International Workshops    Virtual Concept International Workshops
 Publicity and Highlighting of projects    Publicity and Highlighting of projects
 Services for Project Preparation and Management    Services for Project Preparation and Management
 Support to international meeting organization    Support to international meeting organization
 Services of Publication and Dissemination    Services of Publication and Dissemination
 Support to Call for Projects    Support to Call for Projects

Demand of Specific Services: 

if you required a service including specific operations or group of operations, please, be kind to contact our team by clicking here. We we will regard your requirements and we will send back to you next an adapted proposal.